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Solid Sterling Silver Tuning Rings To Enhance Your Jupiter / RX-350 or Orion (FREE Upgrade to 14kt GOLD Plating)

Sterling Silver Replacement Tuning "Rings" Available for the RX-350 / Jupiter or Orion

Dxtra has custom manufactured solid STERLING SILVER replacement tuning rings for the Ten-Tec RX-350, Jupiter or Orion. These are functional pieces of exquisite, hand-crafted jewelry with superior gripping "look and feel" over their plastic replacements. These "heavy metal", solid sterling silver hand polished rings will last a lifetime of use. Order now from our store and enhance the beauty and functionality of your prize radio. You will not be disappointed by the quality of these rings. Special introductory price of only $179.95 for 4 rings, $249.95 for 6 (Orion) - order on-line from our store .

Custom Manufactured on Long Island for Dxtra

There are 4 tuning rings on the front-panel of the RX-350 - on the BANDWIDTH, PBT, MULTI and AF/RF controls. You will notice that the plastic silvered rings easily slip off these controls. Total time to remove the old rings and replace with the new ones is less than a minute - no tools required.

Here is the Proof - The Tuning Rings Pictured in Natural Sunlight on an RX-350




Only sterling silver can give that kind of lustrous look. Taken with a 4 megapixel Kodak LS443.

Sterling Silver Tuning Rings Shown with Original Mold

Each ring is cast from a master mold based on the original part. Shown below is the mold and the first test rings - which are shown on the radio above.





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