The Ten-Tec RX-320D - Is Only $399.95 and Includes: FREE WorldStation™ 4.1 Control Software + FREE SHIPPING (USA) + FREE DREAM Digital Suite + FREE Conference Server Access!

FREE ACCESS 24/7 to Dxtra's Real-Time Internet Frequency Conference Server and Chat Room is included in any purchase! Chat with you fellow SWL'ers worldwide and use the point-and-click interface to instantly swap interesting frequencies in real-time. Remote "follow" another user's tuning over the Internet and much more! In October 2006 Dxtra upgraded it's server to a fiber optic Internet conection to support hundreds of simultaneous users.

This powerful Conference Server is a free service of Dxtra.

Ten-Tec RX-320 Receiver

The below database is fully integrated into our software (more columns included). Clicking on a row automatically tunes your radio, such as the superb American made RX-320 pictured above.