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(6/2/2015) WorldStation™ 4.5 now supports the DaySequerra M42 series FM receivers| Click to join Dxtra's WorldStation™ User Group

The world of traditional radio has changed, with high-end FM receivers now including internet (TCP/IP) control and digital HD radio features. WorldStation™ 4.5 is a full-featured software package (see features below) that controls these receivers remotely either through a RJ-45 or serial port interface. The software has been under continous development and improvement for over 10 years. The Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems are supported (XP and Vista are not supported).

About the DaySequerra M4 series and WorldStation™

WorldStation™ control software has been under development for over 10 years and is use by consumers around the world as well as in government. All this development work was adapted to work with the new generation of web controllable FM receivers. WorldStation™ "talks to" the embedded web server built into the DaySequerra M4 series unit and allows the user to set frequency, HD mode and so forth. In addition, the radio "pushes" status updates to our software every couple of seconds, updating album art, artist and title information. Separate "tuners" are available for the AM and FM bands.

The DaySequerra M4 series is a professional rack-mounted AM/FM receiver sold to industry professionals who want to monitor engineering parmeters. For the FM "prosumer", it is state-of-the-art FM receiver with class leading sensitivity and excellent HD support. Importantly, the receiver also has digital PCM output for both analog and HD broadcasts, for easy "plug and play" integration into a home theatre or basic stereo setup.

Our software is designed for the armchair FM enthusiast, who wants superior radio performance as well as all the extras like full FCC AM and FM databases. With a directional rooftop FM antenna, it is possible to hear broadcasts (particularly over water), hundreds of miles away. Here in Massapequa on the south shore of Long Island, NY, I routinely hear stations in Atlantic City (e.g. WMGM - 100 miles) and Boston (eq. WEEI - 200 miles) with perfect clarity. Of course AM broadcasts can be heard for thousands of miles at night with an outdoor antenna. WorldStation™ has a special FM "Network" database feature which shows local affiliate stations for a main FM broadcaster. Until now, it was difficult for listeners to know where these stations were located on the FM dial. If you click on the image below, you will see the affilate stations for WSHU-FM, as an example. I discovered that the Selden NY station was the strongest by clicking through the list.

Twitter Interface Included: Now you now can run our WorldStation™ software and use it's Twitter real-time interface. By entering your keywords you can track tweets in real-time for any topic of interest to you. The interface includes extensive Twitter management tools as well.

WorldStation™ 4.5 Feature List / DaySequerra

Some highlights of the package include:

Dxtra (pronounced deeXtra) is the developer of the popular WorldStation™ Radio Control Software. We are now adding drivers to support popular high-performance receivers like the DaySequerra M4 series. We still maintain our legacy drivers for shortwave receiver, available in our store.


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