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Dxtra is now shipping the WorldStation™ 4.2 / Orion. Our PC control software has drivers specifically designed for Ten-Tec's sophisticated Orion transceiver. Dxtra has been a Ten-Tec VAR (Value Added Reseller) since 1999. A FULL DEMO version is available. The only limitation to the demo is that it requires your PC to be connected to the Internet. Contact Dxtra for details. Control over all commands of the Orion are included in our software.


Full TCP/IP Control of Your Orion Over the Internet is Built Into Our software! You can run the software on a single standalone PC or across the Internet as you choose. Use any VoIP client to provide the audio link from your PC to the Orion.


Dxtra's software control system for the Orion combines all standard WorldStation™. The WS 4.1 design banishes the overly crowded control interfaces seen in other programs on the market. Each radio gets its' own custom interface (GUI). For best results in controlling four radios, Dxtra recommends a monitor at 1600x1200 resolution or better. The prices of these monitors has dropped to within reach of the average PC user in recent years. Dxtra develops using the Samsung 213T.

Some features of WS 4.2 Orion:

Dxtra adds a custom designed "virtual vfo" or tuning capability where any of the four receivers can act as the tuning control point for the other three receivers. Additional flexibility is built-into the software, for example, you can use any receiver to scan, but easily redirect the scan output (i.e. change the VFO) of any radio in the group. When the software is initially loaded all operating parameters of the Orion are read from the radio and used to set the GUI controls to levels that correspond to the radio.

To support diversity reception, any radio can operate with a shared or unique antenna system. Special orders can also be processed to support four than four radios at a customers request. The four radio limitation is a marketing not technical limitation of the software.

Out of the box, the software will automatically scan in background using the Orion sub-receiver or optional third or fourth receivers -- or all four radios at once! The main receiver is always made available for listening. The ability to tune the entire group of radios from any receiver allows for flexible diversity reception using multiple antennas. A full resolution screen shot showing four radios running at once can be viewed by clicking here.


Additional features of the software include:

1. One button SPLIT operation between the Main and the Sub receiver

2. Built-in support for the Ten-Tec Pegasus log file format to talk to logging programs.

3.TCP/IP remote control over a LAN or the Internet built-into the software.

4. Point and click access to all of Dxtra's SWL facilities, including the ILG and HFCC databases.

5. Multi band scanning built-into the software.

6. Built-in VFO switch allowing individual radios to control the tuning of single or groups of radios simultaneously.

6. Seamless access to Dxtra's new Internet Conference and Chat server.

7. Seamless 2 and 6 meter transverter support.

8. All Orion commands supported via an additional pop-up panel.





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