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WorldStation™ Customer Testimonials

Below are actual testimonials submitted by our enthusiastic customers

Value For Your Money: WS 3.4

"By the way your work is great.
I received WS 3.4 for the RX-320, installed, slightly modified the
config file and up comes the user interface. Works great.

The refinement and added gadgets, e.g. NOAA Geophysical Alerts and
etc, make the program worth a lot more than $29.95! The operation of the
radio from the new GUI is absolutely smooth. Can't beat it, and I have
used five programs since 1999 with this radio. If you haven't tried it,
WS 3.4, you should!"

Mike Stribling / Texas


Superb ILG Database Integration: WS 3.4


"I was able to download the ILG shortwave database & it integrated into the DXtra
software in a click!

My hat's off to Bob/DXtra, NICE JOB of integration. The WS 3.4 software/ILG
Database / RX340 work as one. I will have to spend more time to utilize all the
goodies. The Frequency look-up tables work like a charm.

Again, Thank You DXtra."

Sid Leben KC2EE

AM Clear Channel Station Integration: WS 3.4

"I gotta agree with you, Sid...WorldStation is First Class all the way, thanks
to Bob's dedication and knowledge! Extras like the FCC AM clear channel stations are a must for the AM band DXer.

What a role model for developers!"

Larry Klein
Host and Associate Producer
The Bluegrass Sound (Sunday 8-9 PM)
Guitars,Cadillacs,Hillbilly Music (Sunday 7-8 PM)
South Carolina ETV Radio Network

Remote Control Over The Internet Built-In

Having read some of the other postings, I'd like to relate my own Worldstation experience.

I travel regularly in my job, and I often enjoy tuning around the shortwave bands to pass my spare time when I'm alone and away from home.  I carry a small portable shortwave receiver with me, but with its small antenna and the usual far-from-optimum SWL locations, as hotels are, its performance is usually not even modestly satisfying.
Since most of the hotels I use when I'm on the road normally provide broadband internet access, I decided to explore obtaining a software-defined radio and porting it out from my home as an internet service for my personal use.  After doing some checking around, I ran across Bob's DXTRA website and this Yahoo group.  To me, the RX-320D and DXTRA WS 3.4 software seemed just the ticket.  I purchased the radio and software package from DXTRA and received both shortly thereafter.  After a few calls to Bob to answer some of my questions and to work out the wrinkles in my particular setup, my software-defined radio personal internet service is performing nicely.  My RX-320D is connected to a fan dipole, 133 feet long, up 35 feet and fed with 450 Ohm window line;  accessing it remotely is greatly more effective than using the portable receiver and its 3 foot whip antenna from the inside of a hotel.
By running the DXTRA WS service software on the radio-connected PC at home, I can access it using the client software on my notebook PC either via LAN at home or via internet when travelling.  I maintain a second residence at a North Carolina beach with broadband access there, too.  When I'm vacationing there, I can easily connect to my RX-320D via the Worldstation software, which works out well on those quiet nights when there's not much going on, or when it's raining at the beach (I'm visiting there this weekend, and have been using Worldstation to listen to the ACC games).
Thanks, Bob, for creating an easy-to-implement client/server software interface for the RX-320 and other PC-compatible rigs.  Your efforts have turned my gee-whiz idea into a reality!
Jim Adams



"WorldStation™ 3.1 is the ultimate software for the shortwave listener"

I thought other shortwave listeners should know about your program, so here is what I say.

WorldStationTM 3.1 is the ultimate software for the shortwave listener. It will scan across any band you pick in a database and give you a bar graph colored to the active and less active stations. All the listener has to do is click on the graph, type in a frequency, or use the regular dial features to pick out stations. With each frequency, one can know their location, language spoken, broadcast power, station number, and other information--this knowledge and ease of tuning was never available on any other radio in history.

This is what the shortwave listener wants. WorldStationTM 3.1 will also do a whole lot more, and it really makes SW listening fun.

PS Being able to change the on-screen radio face to several different motifs makes it even more fun, Thanks again.

Ed Cullison - Beaverton, Oregon

"WorldStation™ 3.1 is the exceptiom "


I have been using WorldStation 3.1 for radio control of my Ten-Tec RX-340 and the many features that it provides. I especially like the the band scanning feature which shows you the active signals within the band via color coded vertical bars that are based on signal activity, then you can click on any bar and the radio will be tuned to that frequency. I have used many software control programs over the years and have found them to be lacking in complete control of the receiver. WorldStation 3.1 is the exception . It is very easy to use and very functional. The database feature is really great to use, it allows you to see what shortwave stations are on at any given time and also what language it is transmitted in and can be updated every minute. This makes shortwave listening very enjoyable.


Ron Keele - Gig Harbor,Wa.